Coffee shop in Minsk

There are coffee shops where you feel at home. Their design is not saturated with colour, wallpaper patterns, complex material combinations, heavy d├ęcor. They’re simple places, where it’s nice to have breakfast any day of the week. Their most important thing is the smell of coffee and freshly baked goods, an atmospheric playlist and lots of familiar faces. The space itself is just a backdrop.

The coffee house is located in an old flat in the Osmolovka district. On the one hand, we wanted to preserve the chamber character of the space, and on the other hand, to avoid imitating a non-existent residential space. We chose to keep the original brick walls and use natural tactile materials such as slate tiles and wood.

The interior is complemented by reproductions of works by Belarusian artists. Paintings by Mikhail Savitsky, with their sacred yet human subjects, unite the spirit of the coffeehouse and one of the coziest areas of the city.

We believe that Minsk is ready for such spaces.

Date: 2021
Area: 72 square meters
Status: Concept