Grey apartment

The apartment is located on the ground floor of a two-storey Stalin-era residential building in the centre of Minsk. The space initially comprised a very compact bedroom and living room, a small kitchen and a narrow corridor. Our client planned to live there alone and he wanted a universal design without reference to a particular style or historical period. 

According to the redesigned layout, the kitchen and the living room were united into a single bright space, creating strong visual connection with the hallway. On top of that, we extended the bathroom area and managed to create as much free free space as possible in the bedroom by integrating the bed headboard into the wardrobe niche.

It was clear from the start that the only remaining part of the authentic decor (the original ceiling cornices) could not be preserved. This prompted the decision to create a design without stylistic or historical affiliation. Smooth grey wall and floor surfaces provide a quiet background for the intricate patterns of the old brick walls conserved under a layer of grey paint. The plain beauty of the bright monochrome space is emphasized by the sparse black furniture and decor elements. Their simple and austere geometry is highlighted by the background of old brickwork. By utilizing simplified materials, shapes and textures we sought to create a peaceful space devoid of the pathos of modern interior design.  

By the end of the makeover process, the owner was no longer planning to live alone. The lady of the house instantly became a part of the new life of the apartment, as can be seen on the photos of the interior. The arrival of a second person was celebrated by a pair of candlesticks designed by one of the Radical Passive architects: different but perfectly harmonious, they bring life and motion into the interior of the grey apartment.

Project year: 2021
Area: 42.5 square meters
Status: Completed
Photographer: palasatka