Living block in Minsk. Concept

This project was initially designed for the development of the land lot in the city center. But due to the economic problems the development was canceled and our team transformed the project into a universal solution suitable for developing residential areas within European urban context.

The block is formed by three different types of residential buildings (tower, section building and urban villa) located along its perimeter. The center of the block occupies a big residential park, single plots of greenery are located along the main transit areas. Entrances to the commercial ground floors are facing the street front. This arrangement allows the creation of public, semi-public and private spaces within the one block. 

Ground floors of the tower and the section building are used for commercial activities thus creating functional diversity of the urban environment and stimulating local communities. Parking spaces in the tower and the section building are located on the underground levels, in an urban villa - on the ground floor. Flexibility and adaptability of the space within the apartments are provided by a generic structural grid and single «belts» of wetcore areas.

Harmony of the facades’ tectonics is created by implementing one modular system for all of three buildings. Each building is defined by its own material simultaneously creating a beautiful combination of light-beige natural textures. Facades of the sectional building are covered with sand roughcast. The exterior of the tower is covered with the similar roughcast at ground level and the walls above are made of solid brick of nuanced tone. The urban villa is clad in ivory stone. 

Date: 2022
Location: Minsk
Client: Belzarubezhstroy