Minsk Light Industry Accessory Factory. Facade renovation

The building of a former accessories factory is located in the central part of Minsk and dates back to the second half of the 20th century. It is a typical example of functionalism in soviet architecture.

The new owner wanted to transform the empty building into a business hub where IT-companies coexist with educational establishments and cultural institutions. We were asked to adapt the run-down facades for the new function.

Our team decided to preserve the compositional and material asceticism of concrete facades in order to ensure continuity between old and new architecture of the building. In our design the outer walls are covered with thermal insulation and then repainted grey to make up for the hidden concrete. The plinth is covered with small black tiles with white joint filler. The windows feature close-set glazing bars which complement the austerity of the grey walls.

By inheriting the original design, the new architecture of the facades allows the building to remain an organic part of the industrial block and at the same time to represent a fresh and personal reading of the soviet heritage.

Date: 2020-2021
Location: Starovilenskaya Str., Minsk
Client: Beltyazhmash
Photographer: palasatka